Intramural Sports

GA3 organizes intramural teams for the AeroAstro community. As an affiliated organization, most leagues are free, and those that are not are usually subsidized by department funding. An email is sent out at the beginning of each season with team offerings and registration details. Teams for most sports will be created at the beginning of the registration period. If there are not enough players (roughly 1.5 times the required number of players) the team will be deleted, so timely registration is important. If for some reason there is no GA3 team for a sport or league that you are interested in, contact our IM coordinators!.

Visit MIT's sports listings at to find information on current teams. Deadlines for IM sports can be found on the DAPER website at and a list of sports offered can be found at

If interested in joining a current AeroAstro team, contact Pratik at For IAP 2020, sports include Basketball, Ice Hockey, and Spikeball.